Standing Ovation New Horizons Completes North American Stallion Sport Test

Standing Ovation New Horizons (Stellar TVR x VPrSt Ricola DTA/Adanac) bred by us and purchased in utero by Marcy Segel six years ago, successfully completed the North American Stallion Sport Test and is now fully licensed and approved into Stallion Book I through Westfalen and Weser Ems! We are so happy for Team Stanley, which also includes his talented rider, Carolyn Jette, and Marcy’s husband Rob. Not only is Stanley the first Haflinger in history to do the three day Sport Test, he is the first “pony”/small horse of all breeds to participate in the pony test, and the second Haflinger in North America (in addition to his sire) to be fully licensed and approved by the German sporthorse/sportpony registries. Stanley inherited his sires athleticism and his can-do willing work ethic. Judges comments included: willing, capable, has quality of gaits, good balance, good scope, represents his breed well, shows good promise for a future in sport. Congratulations to Marcy Segel and Carolyn Jette on doing such an amazing job with this boy!