What people have to say about horses purchased from us…

At New Horizons, our goal is to find permanent homes for our horses, and our hope is that their new owners will keep us updated on their future endeavors. We also try to keep our past sales pages updated with current photos and happenings for clients who keep in touch. It is exciting to see how our young horses have matured and grown, especially when some of them that were sold as weanlings and yearlings are now showing under saddle!

Flawless NTF

Kathleen McCoy, Michigan
I had been following Mary Procopio and her New Horizons Haflinger Sporthorses for some time before I decided to take the plunge and buy my beautiful new girl, Flawless. I recognized the quality and professionalism of the breeding program, and knew that Mary had the highest standards for not only breeding fine horses, but also in matching them with the right buyers. I trusted Mary implicitly (bc in fact I was buying w/o seeing the horse in person) and she did not disappoint me. I was hoping to find a horse that could multi-task. One with the athletic ability for me to ride and compete in dressage, but also be a family horse that others could occasionally ride….

Flawless NTF

Well, I am totally in love! Flawless is a big sweetie, with so much potential, and an absolute joy to have every day. I am enjoying her so much, and excited about the future and spending many, many years together. I’m thrilled with her. Mary’s horses are very honestly represented, and well prepared to start their lives at their new homes, so the transition was an easy one, despite my rather challenging circumstances. I was moving, at Christmas time, from California to Michigan, and Mary worked with me so that both horses could arrive at their new home at the same time, to alleviate stress for me and the horses….

Flawless NTF

…She came over to help get us acquainted, and brought complete health records and breeding information. And each horse sells with a first option buy back contract, which shows how much she cares. Haflingers are such wonderful horses, and we are lucky to have a resource such as New Horizons. I’ve been an equestrian professional for a long time, and bought horses in Europe and from many top breeders, and none has exceeded my experience in buying Flawless. Thank you, Mary, for helping make my Haflinger dreams come true!

Ressonance of New Horizons

Shelby Blades, Alaska
Very much love [Ria]! Mary raises such wonderful babies. They are confident, self-assured, well-mannered. I couldnt ask for a better foundation.

Romantique of Lilac Farms

Carol Kvingedal, California
Teake arrived safely and looks great! She is happily eating her hay. I spent an hour with her and she couldn’t be more adorable. Her mane is so long I love it!!!!!! As I mentioned to you everyone here loves her, I had a trainer stop me yesterday and couldn’t stop looking at her! She said this is a horse not a pony !!!!!!!! Just wanted to give you an update on Teake. I really love her !!!!! I look so forward to our first show this summer. I’ll keep you updated on our progress. Let me know if you have other horses that are up for resale and I may have some buyers. Everyone wants one like Teake!

Rhapsody of New Horizons

Chelsea Nau Performance Horses, Ohio
Diva is doing great! She is under saddle walk, trot and canter. Her name fits her well. She is going to be very athletic and she loves the attention!

Rhapsody of New Horizons

Alicia Lucarelli, Ohio
I am buying (Diva) from Chelsea. I am one of Chelsea’s students. I have loved her since she bought her…At Diva’s first hunter pace she was great! I love this horse! Things I thought I never could do I can do with her.

Rosina of New Horizons

Jennie Deephouse, Dreamfield Manor Farm, Pennsylvania
We just love Zeena! She is the sweetest, most easy-going filly. She has a very friendly and inquisitive nature and learns new things quickly…she becomes more elegant looking every day…Zeena is a “Class A” filly for sure! Thank you again for allowing us to purchase her. We appreciate your confidence in our training program and farm to allow us the privilege of owning this beautiful filly.

Ravenna of Lilac Farms

Eva Kaze, Indiana
I bought Ravenna sight unseen which is something I thought I would never do. From the first time I talked with Mary I knew I could trust her and that she would honestly represent her horse. From the moment she arrived Ravenna has had excellent ground manners and has been a willing learner. My non-horsey kids are all able to handle Ravenna without any problem whatsoever. I would not hesitate to buy another horse from Mary because she not only loves and takes excellent care of them but they are handled and worked with and are ready for their new homes.

Febe's Noble Lady MLF

Anne Williamson, California
I purchased Febe’s Noble Lady from Mary Procopio. Febe is not only beautiful, but also has the best temperament of any horse I have known. She is sweet and willing, and obviously had a good start with Mary. I also own her son, a gelding named Andante of Lilac Farms. He also has a sweet temperament passed down from his mother. I would defintely buy another horse from Mary.

State of the Art New Horizons

Martha Gugel, New Jersey
We basically made the decision to buy Stately before he was conceived, and yes, a lot of folks thought we were crazy. We didn’t try to deny it, but went ahead with the purchase, as well as special ordering a colt, and said colt was to have an unusual facial marking! Well, Mary, Rose and Stellar held up their end of the deal and State Of The Art arrived a bit ahead of schedule. I am amazed at the time and effort Mary puts in to her babies. When he was only 2 months of age, we flew to Michigan (Thank you George) to see him at his RPSI inspection. This was totally new to us.

State of the Art New Horizons

We have done quite a bit with our Haflingers, but knew basically nothing about Sport Ponies. When we saw our colt in person, he was breathtaking–Clipped up, bathed, braided, and leading like a pro. At 2 months he was awarded Gold Premium and was the highest scoring youngster! He came home with us after the Futurity and we are continually amazed at his intelligence and attitude. I realized that I have not put a halter on him for anything. He backs, whoas, comes, and steps over both left and right with voice and the touch of a finger.

State of the Art New Horizons

He gets along with everyone I’ve put him with. Stately is a remarkable therapy horse, and has successfully calmed a rescue pony who suffered terrible panic attacks. He routinely approaches my 4 year old grandaughter and hugs her gently against his chest with his head. We have decided that he has been on Earth before, and he is an old man in some aspects, wise way beyond his years. Mary, we will always be thankful for you letting Stately come into our lives.

Stilletto of New Horizons

Wendy Galvin, Montana
Stewie’s most definitely a keeper! He’s everything I hoped for, and more! He’s perfect!

A Black Tie Affair NW HRZN

Jennie L. Deephouse, Dreamfield Manor Farm
A Black Tie Affair NW_HRZN (aka “Tux”) has exceeded our expectations for this cross! Tux has a beautiful head with a big soft kind eye on a long well balanced neck and body! We are very excited and plan to present him at age 3 years old, for AHR Inspection and Classification as well as possibly Weser-Ems Oldenburg Inspection and AWS Inspection. Thank you for allowing us to purchase this Ricola DTA colt, sired by Alfa of Genesis, in-utero! We just love him!

Andante of Lilac Farms

Anne Williamson, California
I also own her son, a gelding named Andante of Lilac Farms. He also has a sweet temperament passed down from his mother. I would defintely buy another horse from Mary.

Arturo of New Horizons

J. Guillermo Perez Pedraza Guadalahara, Mexico
Arturo arrived 2 days ago, and is gorgeous…now he is relaxed and happy in his new home. Tomorrow is sofia