Romantique of Lilac Farms

SILVER Classified and Inspected AHR

Born: 4.29.05


Sire: Arno van het Nieshof (SUPREME)


Teake is an outstanding example of a sporthorse-type Haflinger, with excellent movement, size, type and conformation. She also has amazing trainability and rideability! Teake has a wonderful head and neck set, long neck and long, clean refined legs with sloping pasterns and good feet. We have had several generous offers for both Teake and her dam, but these exceptional mares are priceless to us, and will remain at Lilac Farms for as long as they live.
Out of and by the first and only SUPREME mare and stallion in North America!

Every bit as outstanding as her SUPREME dam (even moreso!) “Teake” is by the SUPREME stallion and two-time National Champion Pleasure Stallion, Arno van het Nieshof, a Holland import whose offspring are dominating shows and topping sales throughout the country.

While owned by Carol Kvingedal and ridden by Arianna Barzman-Greenan, Teake rocked the dressage world on the west coast, winning at USDF rated shows in California, including a Reserve Championship at the CDS Junior Championships in early August 2015, and winning Champion as part of the Webb Ranch Junior Riding Team.

In 2011, Teake won first place in the open four-year-old and older broodmare class at the Stone Tavern USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breed Show in New Jersey, and second place in a very competitive Haflinger IBC class at the Buck’s County Horse Park USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breed Show in Pennsylvania, where she also was part of the first place Breeder’s Group and first place Produce-of-Dam classes!
She finished 2011 ranked first in the nation and Champion Haflinger (4 year old and older Haflinger Broodmare) in the Dressage Sporthorse Breeding All-Breed Awards program!

In 2010, Teake successfully competed in the USDF rated Dressage Sport Horse Breed Show in Waterloo, Michigan with her daughter, Rhapsody of New Horizons (see photo at right). Teake won 1st place in the Haflinger IBC Breed Class–with Rhapsody taking second–and second place behind a Friesian mare in the open four-year-old and older broodmare class! This was Teake’s only show in 2010, as we wanted to give her a much deserved break.

In 2009 Teake had an amazing year under saddle, and exceeded our expectations! She was shown walk trot in English pleasure, western pleasure and dressage classes at numerous show throughout the midwest and on the east coast, and placed in the top of her class consistently, winning a first, many numerous seconds, and several third places in large classes! She also took home two 2009 Tri-State Challenge Awards–English pleasure walk/trot and western pleasure walk/jog! Teake’s trainer said that she was one of the most trainable horses she has ever worked with, with a very willing, honest, eager to please attitude and wonderful rideability.

At the 2009 Keystone International Livestock Exhibition (KILE) Haflinger Show, Teake won first place in western walk/jog, and took second place in several other under saddle classes against tough competition, including suitability for dressage and junior horse under saddle walk/trot! Teake (along with her full sister Zeena) placed first in the Get-of-Sire class, and was first in the mare (any age) bred and owned by exhibitor class, and won second place Produce-of-Dam!

At the 2009 National Show Teake won second place in the suitability for dressage Test B with a score of 75.5%! The 2009 New York Gold Classic was another successful show, with Teake taking first place in the four and five year old mare class (under judge Mosher), and second place in the $100 class! In performance classes Teake won second place in the suitability for dressage walk/trot and open western horsemanship!

At the 2009 Buckeye Haflinger Show–Teake’s first time showing under saddle in performance classes–with only three months training, Teake won second place in a very large open western pleasure walk-trot class with 15 entries!! The next day, Teake again won second place in a very large open English pleasure walk-trot class with 17 entries!! We couldn’t be more proud of her, and are very grateful to Jennie Deephouse and the Dreamfield Manor Farm family for all of their wonderful training. Special thanks go to Teake’s rider, Casey Deephouse, for showing Teake for us! Casey and Teake also placed third in a very large walk-trot equitation class! See our show results page for a complete listing of Teake’s placings this year.

At the 2008 National Show Teake was a part of our entry for the Get-of-Sire group class which won 2nd place. She also won 2nd place in the Best-Three-Mares group class!

At the 2007 AHR National Show, Teake won 2nd place in a very competitive two-year-old pleasure mare class, as well as 2nd place in produce of dam and get of sire! She also won second place two-year-old mare at the GLHA Futurity.

In 2006 Teake took home the blue ribbon in the yearling filly pleasure classes at the Buckeye Haflinger Show (OH) in July, at the Twin Birch Farm Haflinger Classic (NY) in August (double-judged-1st place under Austrian judge Lucas Scheiber and 2nd place under American judge Jennifer Rousseau), and first place at the American Haflinger Registry National Futurity MI) in September. In 2005, Teake won first place junior weanling filly in a very competitve class at the Great Lakes Haflinger Futurity.


CHAMPION/ranked 1st in the U.S. in the Adequan/USDF All Breeds Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Four-year old and older Haflinger Broodmare
AHR Inspected and Classified-Silver Status-75 points
Haflinger Championship Challenge Awards-Certificate of Merit-English W/T

Stone Tavern Dressage Sport Horse Show-1st place open (4 yr old+ broodmare)
3rd place-Haflinger IBC class

BCHP USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breed Show-2nd place-Haflinger IBC class
1st place-Produce of Dam
2nd place-Breeders� Group
3rd place-4 yr old and over broodmare open


Dressage at Waterloo USDF DSHB show 1st place-Haflinger IBC class
2nd place-4 yr old and older mare open


Tri-State Challenge Top Five Award-English Pleasure w/t
Tri-State Challenge Top Five Award-Western Pleasure w/j

Keystone International L.Ex. 1st place-mare any age, bred by exhibitor
1st place-Get of Sire
1st place Western w/j
2nd place-Produce of Dam
2nd place-Suitability for Dressage w/t
2nd place-Open novice Horse or Rider u/s
2nd place-Jr hunter u/s (5 yrs or younger) w/t
2nd place-Novice western pl. (horse or rider) w/j
3rd place-Hunter w/t
3rd place-Junior western pl. (5 yrs or younger) w/j

Dressage at Devon 3rd place-Haflinger Breed Class

AHR National Show 2nd place-Intro to Dressage Test B (75.5%)
2nd place-Produce of Dam
2nd place-Get of Sire
2nd place-Best Three mares
3rd place-4 & 5 yr old pleasure mares

New York Gold Classic 1st place 4 & 5 yr old mares (Moshier)
2nd place-Suitability for Dressage w/t
2nd place-open western horsemanship w/j
2nd place-$100 4 & 5 yr old (all sexes)

Buckeye Haflinger Show 2nd place (out of 17) English pleasure w/t
2nd place (out of 15) western pleasure w/j


AHR National Show 1st place-Produce of Dam
2nd place-Get of Sire
2nd place-Best Three Mares

NYGold Haflinger Classic 2nd place-3 yr old mare


AHR National Futurity 3rd place-2 yr old pleasure mare

AHR National Show 2nd place 2 yr old pleasure mare
2nd place Produce of Dam
2nd place Get of Sire

GLHA Futurity 2nd place 2 yr old pleasure mare

Buckeye Haflinger Show 2nd place-2 year old pleasure mare


AHR National Show 2nd place-Produce of Dam

AHR National Futurity 1st place yearling pleasure filly

Buckeye Haflinger Show 1st place yearling pleasure filly
1st place open in-hand trail (2 yr old and under)
2nd place yearling (all colts and fillies)

Twin Birch Classic 1st place yearling filly (Scheiber)
2nd place yearling filly (Rousseau)


GLHA Futurity 1st place-Junior weanling pleasure filly

Stilletto of New Horizons
2012 Colt by Stellar TVR

Rhapsody of New Horizons
2010 Filly by Alfa of Genesis