StPrSt Rafinja of New Horizons

AHR GOLD Classified, Westfalen NA Premium, RPSI Gold Premium

Born: 4.18.14

14.3 3/4H

Sire: Stellar TVR (SILVER)

Dam: Ricola DTA (SILVER)

We knew Ricola’s first foal by Stellar was special from the moment she was born, and she continues to demonstrate how exceptional she is again and again, this time being awarded GOLD status with 81 points at her 2018 AHR Inspection and Classification! With 9s for type, head, hindquarter, and overall movement, and 8s for neck, hind legs, and correctness of movement, this mare wowed those who saw her! The judges were very complimentary of Raffy’s type, strong hindquarter, movement, impulsion from behind, and ability to “sit” and collect. Comments include: clear suspension and extension at trot and canter, forelegs lift, suspend and reach, strong impulsion from hindquarters and light, uphill, rolling canter, uphill build, athletic way of going, and obvious presence.

On August 31, 2018 Raffy was presented for breeding approval to Westfalen NA. She was awarded Premium status and entered into their top mare book, and was inspection site Champion over a group of outstanding quality horses! She received an overall score of 80 points, including a fantastic 9.0 on walk, 8.5 on breed type and overall impression and development, and 8.0 on quality of conformation and trot. The inspector commented on her elegance, good neck position and shoulder, excellent walk with good rhythm, long stride and movement that shows elasticity throughout her whole body; her elastic trot that reached underneath with a big step, and freedom of shoulder.

Raffy was presented for breeding approval to AHR at their inspection and classification held on July 27, 2018, and was awarded Gold status with 81 points, with 9s on type, head, hindquarter and overall movement, and 8s for neck, hind legs, and correctness of movement!

This beautiful mare was started under saddle in 2018 as a four-year-old, and we are so excited to see how well she is doing under the guidance of Kelsie Rumisek of 3K Performance Horses! Rafinja is being bred through a custom breeding to the Gold classified stallion, Niagara YES (Notting Hill x Loreta NTF/Amadeus) for a 2019 foal that is sold inutero!

We are excited to announce that Rafinja returned home in December 2016! Raffy sold inutero, and we have been trying to purchase this spectacular filly back ever since she was born. She is currently 14.3H tall and growing (at almost exactly three years of age), possesses a stunning gold color with pure white mane and tail, and still has the exceptional movement she had as a filly that won her Gold Premium and Site Inspection Champion at her 2014 RSPI inspection!

We are so excited and proud to announce that in 2011 Rafinja was named USDF National Champion Haflinger in the USDF DSHB All-Breeds Year-End Awards! Rafinja was also the National Champion yearling filly!

Rafinja placed fourth out of nine in a very competitive junior weanling filly class at the 2014 AHR National Futurity. This filly just gets better and better, and we can’t wait to see what she looks like next year!

Rafinja and her dam attended the RPSI Michigan inspection on July 25, 2014 at three months of age, where she was awarded the highest status given to foals! Comments from the German inspector include: “Very well developed size, modern build with long legs–not too heavy build, well-muscled, pretty face with a very nice neck, active and stays always uphill in trot.” Below is commentary taken from the RPSI site. Special thanks to Ann Daum for the fantastic photos (above) taken at the inspection!

“A highlight of the day was the Haflinger mare and foal bred by Mary Procopio of New Horizons Haflingers. The RPSI inspects and registers purebred Haflingers into their own books, as a division of the pony breeding section. In Germany, the RPSI�s parent organization the Pferdezuchtverband Rheinland Pfalz-Saar registers more than 30 different breeds, including but not limited to the Warmblood books, German Riding Ponies and Kleines Deutsches Reitpferd, but also Shetland Ponies, Icelandic, Haflinger and Draft Horses each have their own books, with their own rules and regulations, and often their own brands. Ricola DTA (Adanac x Ricarda II GF � Nabucco), a nine year old Haflinger mare, showed excellent modern type with a big eye, good length of neck and balanced and substantial conformation expressing well the modern Haflinger standard. In movement, Ricola showed energy, softness and swing, with a particularly good trot and canter. This combination of type and quality of conformation, movment and substance earned Ricola the title of Champion Premium Pony Mare of the site. Site Champion Filly was Ricola�s 2014 filly Rafinja of New Horizons. Rafinja was sired by Stellar TVR, who successfully completed the North American Pony test in 2013. This substantial yet elegant filly boasted a particularly well-proportioned and balanced profile, with a clean neck tie-in and chiseled face. Long legs and excellent muscling over her topline completed the picture, while in motion, this filly also pleased the eye, with a powerful, swingy uphill trot and balanced canter.” Rafinja is Stellar’s first foal to be presented to RPSI. We are so proud of this special filly!

She is finally here!! We have been waiting a long time for the arrival of a Stellar filly out of Ricola DTA, and it was well worth the wait! Rafinja of New Horizons was born on April 18, 2014, and is everything we were hoping for out of this cross!! This spectacular filly has outstanding conformation, with a gorgeous dished head, beautiful neck and shoulder, long legs, and her sire’s powerful hindquarter!

Rafinja was sold in utero back in November, and her new owner is extremely excited with her purchase! We can’t wait to repeat this cross for 2015, and are hoping for another filly!