Rock My World New Horizons

Westfalen NA Premium Mare and 2018 Site Champion; RPSI Gold Premium, 2015 Site Inspection Reserve Champion Foal and North American Inspection Tour Reserve Champion Haflinger Filly

Born: 5.11.15

Sire: Stellar TVR (SILVER)


Rock My World (aka “Maya) is once again all we could hope for with this cross! With exceptional breeding on both sides of the pedigree, this stunning filly is sure to follow in the footsteps of her athletic siblings! Her beautiful head and neck catch your attention right away, and she looks very much like her sister Ressonance (Ria) did at this age! She is extremely friendly and athletic, and we can’t wait to watch this young lady grow!

On August 30, 2015 we presented Maya to RPSI, where she was awarded Gold Premium status with a score of 8.0! Her older full sibling, Ressonance, was inspected and entered into RPSI’s top studbook, as was her half siblling, Radiance, who was also awarded Premium mare status!

The inspector commented on how well developed and correct Maya is, with a good topline, well muscled with good bone, nice canter, good energy in trot, and that she had good swing and stayed uphill in movement even though she was croup high.

Rock My World New Horizons, aka Maya, is turning out to be exactly what we were hoping for from our second Rosie/Stellar cross! With beautiful type, exceptional movement, and a wonderful sweet personality, we are blessed to have this second filly remain at our farm as a future breeding and performance prospect!

Maya was presented to Westfalen NA in early August 2018 where she was awarded Premium status and Site inspection Champion, with an overall score of 74 with an 8.0 on type and 8.0 on overall impression and development. The inspector commented on Maya’s elegance, pretty face, good topline, on her energetic walk with a good stride, active trot and balanced canter. Maya was lightly started under saddle in 2018. We can’t wait for her to make her dressage debut in 2019, and to follow in the steps of her big sister, Ressonance, who is already making her mark in the dressage world in Alaska!

We had not planned on selling Maya, but in 2017 in the process of purchasing the farm of my dreams the difficult decision had to be made. Fortunately, Maya sold to a wonderful home of a friend and client in Virginia who had another Stellar offspring, and is destined for a career in dressage!