Poetry in Motion VHH

AHR GOLD Classified, 2006 AHR National Champion and Best of Show

Born: 5.10.02

14.3 1/4H

Sire: Walzertakt

Dam: Precious MSC (ELITE/SILVER)

New Horizons Haflingers proudly welcomes…Poetry in Motion VHH (aka “PIM”)


PIM was bred by Al and Brandy Wagner of Haflinger Vores Heste (Our Haflinger Horses) in Ohio. PIM is a tall, elegant, athletic filly with a big floating trot, a lovely long, well shaped neck, a full blaze and a pure bright white mane and tail. She is trained to ride and drive and has been shown extensively, with multiple Grand Championships and Best of Show titles to her credit over the years, and was undefeated as a yearling and two-year-old! PIM brings new and exciting bloodlines to our breeding program on both her sire and dam’s side, combining the best of strong foundation lines with modern breeding.

PIM’s sire, Waltertakt, is a World renowned stallion who was on loan from Austria for two year in the United States, and who has returned to Austria to stand at the prestigous Fohlenhof in Ebbs. Walzertakt, is by the Reserve World Champion stallion, Winterstein, the most famous W-line Haflinger in the history of the breed. Waltertakt is the sire of the only GOLD classified Haflinger in the United States in 2006–Angel of Trisianna, and the sire of the only GOLD classified Haflinger in the United States in 2005–PIM! He is also the sire of the top selling filly at the Tyrolian Breeders’ Association Sale in Austria in 1997 (selling for over $40,000 U.S.!) and in 1998! Walzertakt placed 3rd at his three-year-old stallion inspection behind World Champion Stallion Abenstern, and was rated 1a at the 2010 and 2005 World Shows.

PIM’s dam, Precious MSC, was inspected in 2005 at thirteen years of age, carrying her tenth foal, and was awarded the silver ribbon with a score of 78–the third highest score in the country that year!! Prescious received “8’s” in type, head, neck, forehand, front legs, midsection, correctness of movement and overall movement. Precious is also the dam of the silver classified gelding Wasabi VHH (PIM’s full brother), silver classified Paloma VHH by Aristo van de Rijsdijk, and silver classified and multi-Champion/Best of Show P-Noble Dame VHH, by Aristrocrat TOF. Precious consistently throws tall, leggy offspring averaging between 14.2H-15+H, regardless of who she is bred to. Her offspring are extremely trainable and rideable, and consistently receive 8s and 9s on type and movement at inspections. They are winners on-the-line, under saddle and driving in Haflinger Shows throughout the mid-west and East Coast, including shows in Georgia, Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan, and New York.

PIM is the 2006 National Grand Champion and Best of Show (over both pleasure and draft)! At that show, she was Grand Champion Pleasure Mare, Senior Champion Pleasure Mare, 1st place four & five-year-old pleasure mare, first place in the Produce-of-Dam for the third consecutive year in a row, 2nd place Get-of-Sire, and third place in the Adult Ridden Trail class!! (Her half sister out of Precious, P Noble Dame VHH, was Reserve Champion Senior Pleasure Mare and first place six-year-old and older mare at that show!) At the 2006 Twin Birch Farm Haflinger Classic, PIM once again took Best of Show under BOTH judges, and 1st place four-year-old and over mares. At the 2006 Buckeye Haflinger Show, PIM won 2nd place in the $100 Halter class four four-year-old and older, and 1st place in Adult Western W/T.

In 2005, PIM was AHR inspected and classified as a three-year-old and was the highest scoring horse that year, receiving 81 points and the coveted Gold Ribbon!! It was the first Gold awarded in the United States in three years! At the 2005 National Show, PIM won Reserve Senior Champion Pleasure Mare, 2nd place three-year-old pleasure mare, 2nd place in the Mare Family class, and 1st place for the second year in a row in the Produce of Dam class!

At the 2004 National Show PIM was named Junior Champion Pleasure Filly, won 1st place two-year-old pleasure filly, 1st place Produce of Dam, and second place in Get-of-Sire. At the 2004 Northern Ohio Draft Pony Association Show, PIM was named Grand Champion Light Haflinger and won first place light Haflinger Mare 2 and under. (Her half sister out of Precious was Reserve Grand Champion Light Haflinger and won first place four-year-old and older mare!) At the Ohio State Fair that same year, PIM was the Best of Show Registered Light Haflinger, Grand Champion Light Haflinger Mare, and 1st place Registered Haflinger Mare 2 and under! (P-Noble Dame VHH was again named Rerves Champion Light Haflinger Mare and first place in the three-year-old and older mare class!)

PIM has had three beautiful fillies and one gorgeous colt; her first two by Aristocrat TOF, a filly by GOLD classified Alfa of Genesis in 2011, and her most recent, a foal by our silver classified, Austrian imported stallion, Stellar TVR in 2014, who was sold inutero in November. Her foals consistently have outstanding type, movement, and athleticism. PIM was left open for 2015 in case a buyer wants to bred her to a stallion of their choice, but she sells with a free future breeding to our Champion stallion, Stellar TVR. Contact us for details.