Mirracle Maja New Horizons

2018 Westfalen NA Champion Foal with a score of 8.0!

Born: 5.19.18

Sire: Stellar TVR (SILVER)

Dam: Mythical TOF (SILVER)

Mythical’s 2018 foaling was bittersweet, as we lost her daughter, Myriam GHJ due to a dystocia that same evening. Mythical’s foal born that night was a sweet, dark red filly who had a wonderful disposition right from the start. Mirracle Maja (yes, with two “r’s”) was truly a miracle for her new owner, who purchased the filly option inutero. This brave little filly is not afraid of anything! She quickly bonded with her older “sisters” when she joined the mare and foal group, and let them know that she wasn’t a pushover!

On August 31, 2018 Maja was presented to Westfalen NA for inspections, where she received an overall score of 8.0 and was awarded Champion foal with 8.5 on type and overall impression! What made the moment especially sweet was that her owner who purchased her inutero flew out from California for the inspections! The inspector commented on Maja’s pretty, feminine face, elegant, well-developed type with good angles, good walk, her uphill trot with good elasticity, rhythm and good suspension, and her nice stride and freedom of shoulder. Photo credit to Red Pony Photography.