Amazing Results at the Westfalen NA Inspection

Stellar’s offspring and other New Horizons Farm horses had amazing results at the Westfalen NA Inspection in Michigan, with Rafinja of New Horizons awarded Premium Status and Site Inspection Champion with an overall score of 80, and earning an outstanding 9.0 on her walk; Rivendell of New Horizons awarded Premium Status; Merrick RVRW (owned by Jenny Carol and here on a breeding lease) awarded Premium Status, her Sport Predicate, and is now eligible for Elite Status once her Stellar foal is presented to Westfalen; PIM’s Third Verse VHH entered into Mare Book I; Mirracle Maja New Horizons awarded Champion Foal and Premium Status with an overall score of 8.0; and Royal Arminta scoring a 7.7! And, earlier this month in Virginia, the Stellar daughter Rock My World New Horizons was awarded Premium Status and Champion at her Westfalen inspection!

Stellar’s offspring consistently receive comments on their elegant, pretty type and their powerful movement, with walks that have good rhythm and stride, uphill trots with swing, elasticity, and active hind legs that reach well underneath, and balanced canters. Out of four Stellar mares presented to Westfalen for breeding approval, three have been awarded Premium status and two have been site inspection Champions! Additionally, Stellar has sired numerous foals that were awarded Gold Premium status at their RPSI inspections, and two with scores of 8.0 at their Westfalen inspection, with one earning an 8.5 for elasticity and swing, and another awarded Premium status and foal Champion in 2018! And, Stellar’s first foal presented to Weser Ems was awarded Premium in 2018!