In Utero Foals


An in utero foal purchase from New Horizon Haflingers provides you with the opportunity to select a foal out of proven SILVER and GOLD classified ELITE and SUPREME stallion and mare lines at a VERY reasonable price. Our mares and the stallions we breed to are chosen for their outstanding conformation, movement, character, and temperament, all of which are reflected through their excellent show and classification results. Our mares consistently produce athletic and top quality foals that have achieved Premium status at their Westfalen (including Champion foal) and Weser Ems inspections as foals, GOLD PREMIUM, Silver Premium and Champion status at their RPSI foal inspections, and have gone on to achieve GOLD and high Silver ratings at their AHR inspections, with all so far entered into Mare Book I at their breeding approval for RPSI and Westfalen inspections, and some achieving Premium status and site inspection Champion. All of our broodmares have had successfully show careers on the line and under saddle–especially in dressage and sport horse breeding venues–and have competed in both open rated shows as well as in Haflinger breed shows, and are inspected and approved for breeding through AHR, RPSI and Westfalen and entered into RPSI and Westfalen Main Mare Book I. Thus, our clients benefit from the proven performance records of our mares and their offspring, and our continuous efforts in promotion and advertising. Several of our horses are also registered with the American Warmblood Society and inspected and branded by them, receiving very high ratings!

Foals by our Austrian imported silver classified USDF DSHB National Champion stallion, Stellar TVR, are also eligible for registration through Westfalen and Weser-Ems (Oldenburg GOV), where they will received German registrations and German passports, and the American Warmblood Society Sporthorse Registry. Stellar made history in 2012 as the first Haflinger stallion in North America to be inspected and approved through Weser Ems and RPSI–two German sporthorse/sport pony registries–and the AWSSR, and then again in 2013 when he became the first Haflinger stallion in North America to attend the 30 Day North American Pony Stallion Testing, where he received outstanding scores and rave reviews from the Training Director and his riders! In addition to his excellent conformation, movement and athleticism, Stellar also has an outstanding temperament and character, and is proving to be extremely trainable and rideable. His foals are consistently demonstrating these traits as well, with all of Stellar’s foals presented to RPSI receiving Premium status (three Gold Premium and one high Silver Premium), some awarded Champions at their inspections as well as Champions through the RPSI North American inspection tour, and his first offspring was approved for breeding and entered in RPSI’s top mare book, as well as receiving high silver status-77 points-at her AHR inspection in 2015! In 2018 a Stellar mare was awarded Gold at her AHR inspection in July, then awarded Premium status and was site inspection Champion over a extremely high quality group at her Westfalen inspection in Michigan, with her full sibling also awarded Premium, and another half sibling by Stellar awarded Premium status and site inspection Champion in Virginia!

The inspectors’ comments for Stellar’s offspring at their Westfalen inspection consistently compliment them on their elegant, pretty type and their powerful movement, with walks that have good rhythm and stride (Rafinja scored a 9 on walk), uphill trots with swing, elasticity, and active hind legs that reach well underneath, and balanced canters. Out of four breeding age mares by Stellar presented to Westfalen NA thus far for breeding approval, three have been awarded Premium status and two have been site inspection Champions! Additionally, Stellar has sired numerous foals that were awarded Gold Premium status at their RSPI inspections, and two with scores of 8.0 at the Westfalen inspection, with one earning an 8.5 on swing and elasticity and another awarded Premium status and Champion foal in 2018! And, Stellar’s first foal presented to Weser Ems was awarded Premium in 2018! An inutero purchase from New Horizons includes providing all care for foals purchased through six months of age, free of charge. We will also show weanlings at the AHR National futurity and promote the foals purchased from us through their weanling year free of charge, and will show Stellar foals at the RPSI Michigan inspection free of charge. If you would like to have the foal shown in the future but are unable to do so yourself, you may elect to continue to board the foal with us at a reduced fee and we will show him/her for you. When you get your weanling, he or she will lead, clip, bath, haul, and stand well for the vet and farrier, as well as have the wonderful ground manners and character that all of our horses are known for!

If you are interested in one of our young horses but would prefer not to raise a youngster until they are ready to be started under saddle, we can board horses purchased from us for you at a very reasonable rate until you are ready to take possession of them. We can also recommend trainers that we work with who do a wonderful job starting the horses driving and under saddle. We offer reasonable and competitive rates for horses purchased from us in utero, which enables our buyers to receive exceptional quality at a fraction of the cost!

A $1,000 deposit and signed purchase agreement will hold the in utero foal in your name, live foal guarantee. You may also specify whether you would like a filly or colt. In some cases, monthly payment plans may be arranged for the balance due, and visa and mastercard are accepted as payment through Paypal. If you are interested in a particular stallion cross with one of our mares, we would be happy to work with you on that option as well.

Another benefit to our clients is that weanlings out of our stallion, Stellar TVR, are eligible for money back cash awards if they win their class at the National Show or National Futurity. Stellar is also paid up in the AHR Stallion Incentive Program (SIP) which offers payouts to weanlings at the AHR Futurity, and in the Haflinger Breeder’s Co-op Futurity, which offers large payouts to yearlings beginning in 2015. (i.e. foals born in 2014 are eligible for this class.)

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail at or by phone (b) 517 410 8000 or (h) 517 651 2011.

In utero prices average $6,000-$9,000, depending on which mare the foal is out of ($1,000 lower than the price of foals once they are born) and when the deposit is paid. Buyers can save a significant amount on in-utero foals purchases. Please feel free to contact us about the following in-utero foals available in 2019.

We have been very blessed in that most of our foals offered for sale have sold inutero, sometimes two years in advance, with 100% of our clients being satisfied. We thank our clients for their faith in our breeding program, and would be happy to provide references upon request.

Expected in 2022

Stellar’s foals are in high demand and bring premium prices, and ALL of his foals bred by us have sold inutero since 2014! We plan on the following pairings for 2022. We invite you to contact us if you are interested in more information, or to get on a wait list for a future foal.

Expected for 2022!

Sire: Stellar TVR
Dam: R Noble Rose APF
Due: 4.14.22

Expected for 2022!

Sire: Stellar TVR
Dam: Romantique of Lilac Farms
Due: 5.8.22

Expected for 2022!

Sire: Stellar TVR
Dam: VPrSt Ricola DTA
Due: 5.11.22